A Day at a Time

Life is an adventure, one day at a time.


My sister Natalie and I were not raised to be good girlfriends.

We weren’t taught to be nice, well behaved young ladies who make good impressions on mommies. We don’t hope to mimic scenes from the notebook. We’re terrible flirts.

We, instead, were taught to be excellent friends. We’re confident and independent. We jump at the phone when it rings not because we’re over run by butterflies but because we were taught to value other people deeply and honestly.

We were raised to be good women, and I could not have asked for anything more.

Permalink 31 May 2012
Day sixteen: pizza.
Donatoes opened early to deliver my advanced placement literature class pizza on our last day of class. We ordered way to much. Ben was sleepy because he ate so much pizza. No, wait, Ben is just always sleepy….
Permalink 30 May 2012 Day fifteen: it needs to be summer Kids playing hacky sack in the band room. We are so productive off season…
Permalink 29 may 2012

Day fourteen: preparing for final exams.

Self explanatory, right?
Permalink 28 may 2012
Day thirteen: the family friends
What better way to end a long weekend than with the family friends? The Clarks live around the corner from us. We get to spend a good deal of time with them because they’re so close; their son Tyler is the same age as Natalie, so they’re pretty tight. Also, we made cherry coke cup cakes. To die for. Best ones yet. They will make their reappearance at the end of the year bash me and Abby are having, Thursday the seventh at seven!
Permalink 27 may 2012 Day twelve: reunite, fellow “fire” seekers Last summer I had the great privilege of spending most of my time with this awesome group of friends. We built each other up and prayed for one another, played cards every weekend, and it was just perfect. Then we sent about half of us to college. Tonight I got to hang out with two of the guys in the original super-team, chad and tanner. Clay and Jayne were out of town, Kalin was grounded and Connor and Abby had family obligations. At the end of the day (literally) their busyness worked in our favor, I mean, more watermelon for the rest of us ;). It was so great to talk openly again. I’ll be honest, I was really worried after finding out it would only be us three, especially because our main “instigators” were absent, but we managed just fine. It gave us a chance to catch up and truly hear each other out. There was the usual politics talk with tanner (he’s a history major at Ashland university), and, of course, the music talk with chad (who will be a physics major next year at Ohio state). Amazing how much a year can change people. But not necessarily in a bad way; I still really enjoyed the company I had tonight. And it was so… Good. Glad they came. Can’t wait to do it again.
Permalink 26 may 2012
Day eleven: summer, welcome back.
Strawberry mango smoothie. Healthy, refreshing, and super yummy. Welcome back summer menu, game on. :)
Permalink 25 may 2012 Day ten: Friday was our seniors last day at orange high school. This is a particularly hard class to say goodbye to because they are orange high’s first class to go the same school all four years. On the left is Sammy, who was my dance team captain the past few years. I’m sure that otterbein will enjoy her presence next year, as we will miss is. To drown our sorrows away, me and Kendra stopped by speedway for slushies. Mission accomplished :)
Permalink 23 may 2012
Day eight: nineteen.
I got to spend my Wednesday with a great family, blood related and not, to celebrate the birthday of sir Clayton Bushey. And what a better way to celebrate than camera shy middle schoolers and schmancy cup cakes? Rock on.
Permalink 24 May 2012
Day Nine: Where to go to successfully skip a class.
Im a performing arts student. This is Ben, also a performing arts student. He probably shouldn’t be up in near the fly system, but we pretty much live in our theater so we should have some rights.
He, at this point in time, is also skipping his math class. Or maybe it was english…. perhaps speech one?
I suppose it doesn’t really matter. We only have a few more days anyways, right?